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My first completed pair of home-knitted socks.

I finally managed to get a pair made by knitting them both at once on two circular needles (it’s a bit complicated but worth it to NOT have to start a new sock after just crossing the finish line on the first. I guess I’m results-oriented).

I managed to get them to fit (more or less) thanks to lots of advice from the nice folks at .

The aforementioned nice folks also alerted me to the fact that you have to experiment with sock patterns. They also warned me that sock-making can be addictive. I couldn’t imagine why until I slipped on my new socks and realised that next time I’d make the toes less baggy and start the heel earlier, and maybe a more luxurious yarn would be in order and…holy moley, an addiction has been born.

I’m off to order more sock yarn.


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