Knitting Olympics

With my sister signing up for a sponsored walk and urging me to “move yer arse
I have instead opted for the slightly more sedentary challenge of the
Knitting Olympics. This was the insane whim of one knitter and has
grown to include 3000 insane knitters in various teams.

My team is the USA Sock Knitting Team (I saw a button for GB Expats, but no mention of them in reality – or lunacy, for that matter).

My project currently looks like two balls of unknitted yarn, as per the
rules that you cannot cast on before the torch is lit and must be
finished before the torch goes out.

Not sure how I’m going to keep up the board game habit and the care and
feeding of three males of the species as well as succeeding in my
Olympic challenge, but it’s a bit of fun, eh?


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