Reading Other People’s Blogs

Sometimes I get weighed down reading about other people’s lives in blogs. Sometimes I just keep clicking and linking and reading and I surface hours later wondering what happened.

And then there are blogs I read that inspire me to write funny and witty stories about my life and experience and post them here. Since I am a bit fried at the moment, I will not be doing any actual funny and witty writing. Instead I offer links to these blogs:

Somewhere on The Masthead –
The journal of a magazine editor who tells great stories about his life and the people in it. Makes me laugh often. There was one great series about his on-going war with a nieghbour over dog poop (in which, if you believe him, he was completely innocent.) Can’t find it now, of course, but keep an eye out for it. I first found this blog through his six year old son’s blog (, which I first found through a post at

Neil Gaiman’s Blog
This is a fount of fabulous links even if, like me, you care nothing for graphic novels/comics. It’s also a great read while he is in the process of working on a novel. It’s really fun to read about some very successful writer struggling with his characters and his plot and then, a day later posting about the high of getting things to work. I first found that through

Debbie Blatherings
I first knew Debbie online through her website for writer, Inkspot. Then I got to work with her in person for a while, which would have been much more of a treat had we both not been terribly unhappy at the company! Happily I can keep up with her here, and read about wonderful trips and food experiences that I can only dream of while raising the sprogs.

Yarn Harlot
Every knitter ont he web knows of the Yarn Harlot but I resisted the hype until I almost accidentally picked up BookBookBook2 in my local independent bookstore, and laughed until the stitches fell off my needles.

Hmm, I start to see a trend here. These are all people who are actually writing and publishing. Who are DOING it rather than just thinking about it. That’s quite rare.


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