Things I Wish I’d Known (part II)

A Follow-Up to Things I Wish I Had Known When I Had My First Baby, Part I


If the baby is crying: check the diaper. I know it sounds obvious but it’s easy to forget.

Some babies, like my first, could be sitting on a mountain of poop the size of Kilimanjaro and never care. Others, like my second, are horrified by all things poopy: from the process to the after-effects. Others still hate being wet, especially if they have a rash (think about it. Ouch!)


Just when you’re getting resigned to diaper duty, your little one is going to get big and strong enough to wriggle and writhe and possibly roll right off the changing mat/table. (This will be a recurring theme in parenthood. Just when you think you have it sussed, they change).

If your baby is resisting the diaper change try giving them a toy to play with, or make silly faces or sing songs. Anything to distract them from what’s going on long enough for you to velcro the sucker shut.

Just resist giving your baby the closest toy to hand if it happens to be one of his big brother’s die-cast toy trains and his grip is not too good yet. He WILL hold it high about his head and then drop it, giving himself his first black eye. Not that I have any reason to know this…

From diaper rash to drooling to whining, people will blame anything on emerging teeth. But the thing is: it really could be the teeth

If your five month old angel suddenly turns into a whiny monster from Hades, consider that s/he might be teething.

You can’t see them yet and if you stick a finger it to check it will immediately be gummed in a vicelike grip and you might not feel anything sharp, but it could still be about the teeth.

Drooling, diaper rash, unusual (extra) waking in the night (noooo! Just when they were starting to sleep longer!) all really do go with teething. Pop some teething rings in the fridge and ask your doc if there is anything else you can do. And give your sweetie plenty of cuddles.


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