Out of it

I am, apparently, not a fashionista.

I’m thinking of buying some new clothes. Since all my post-baby shopping so for (make that almost two years, oops) has been done at Target, I thought I’d take a look online and see what is fashionable this year, before I got out and buy stuff that is oh, so five years ago.

Apparently, layers are in.


I guess this is fashion for the acne-afflicted teen.

There was another page with an impossibly layers and architectural skirt and two-tops combo that in black and white harlequin and then polka-dots, that called itself a “seductively simple route to sophisticated style”.

These people don’t live in anything approaching the real world, do they? I mean, I don’t want to dress in khaki pants and polo shirts, or even in Star Trek jumpsuits, but I do need a measure of practicality in my clothing.

Is there a site somewhere that showcases ‘fashion for the woman who has been having children for the past few years and has suddenly woken up and found herself too old for young fashion and with a considerably changed body, and has no clue what to wear’?

I smell a gap in the market…


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