BBC On Demand in the US

I’m so excited. The BBC is making its shows available through Zudeo sometime soon.

(Zudeo is owned by the people who made the BitTorrent software.)

We’ve been getting our Dr. Who fix from the newsgroups (until such time as the DVDs are released, because we  just can’t wait a year for new Who…not while my nephew is getting live Who anyway.)

I’m thoroughly ready to do it legitimately. I hope they implement it well. I’m pretty sure they won’t though. You have to download their software and I’m guessing we won’t be able to burn them and watch them on our DVD player because of copy protection. Time to get K onto upgrading our little tv-side computer…

I took a look at Zudeo and it seems to be a lot of trailers in HD, fan films and amateur stuff so far. They must be popping the champagne at the news of the BBC deal.


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