Definitely an Introvert

I just spent two hours at a birthday party with The Big Boy. Actually, I spent the time separated from him by a wall and a window while some very capable gym people kept the children busy and fed them cake. I spent my time talking to his best friend’s dad and a couple of his friends’ moms.

I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations (especially since I avoided the mommies that I know I have nothing much to say to and stuck to the friendly ones) but I came home feeling that my head had been pickled in brine and all my nerves set on fire. I’m exhausted and would happily confine myself to a sensory deprivation tank for the next hour and a half (ah, bliss. Chance’d be a fine thing. I didn’t even get to go to the loo without someone banging on the door “where are you?”).

Since I read a description of different personality types (extrovert vs introvert), I now feel less wierd about coming away from social occasions feeling like this. I’m just an introvert. Doesn’t mean I’m anti-social, just that it’s draining.

So now I know why.


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