Reward Charts: Godsend or Devil-sent?

Something had to give.

Life has been a bit tense on and off since the terrible two-and-a-half-s hit and decided to move in and stay. Mostly life is great, but when it’s not? Hooo-boy, as they say.

I bought a book about how to do reward charts properly, as I suspected we had been a bit vague in the rewards/punishment area, and frankly, who has time to think these things through with two little guys running around demanding to be loved and raised and fed and washed and all that stuff? I wanted some concrete how-to advice.

When I read about the reward charts it sounded  great. Inspite of the supposedly-inspiring case-studies where the parents are always steadfast and true and never, ever stomp out of the room screaming “FINE! BE LIKE THAT [you little sh…..]” sotto voce, it still sounds like a system that should work.

The problem comes when I think about implementing them and my blood runs cold. The novelty wears off for the kid and frankly, for me too. This is probalby the biggest flaw in the plan, but I’m not sure what else to go with –since beating went out of fashion — so reward charts it is.

Perhaps this is one area where I really do need to cede control to scientist-dad. I’ll be feeding, bathing, crafting mommy and he can be reward guy.

“Just you wait until your father gets home….”

Hmm, I kind of like the sound of that.



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