Cedar McGee Onesie

I put my free ball of Mission Falls Cotton from the Grand Opening of the local yarn store to good use and started on a onesie for a tiny friend.

His parents said he is a sweaty baby, so I thought he definitely needed something in a natural yarn. I couldn’t bring myself to knit a dishcloth out of my free yarn (the supplied pattern) so I started on an improvised outfit for the little guy. I bought a second ball and was away. This whole thing took only two balls.

I’m debating wether or not to put ribbing on the leg holes to make them less gapey and to hide a diaper. Opinions?

This thing still nees a button over the left shoulder too. I’m thinking green. I’m also planning on putting snaps onto some pretty ribbon and sewing them along the bottom, to hold it shut. I could have done buttons, but in my experience buttons never hold baby knitwear closed.

I dragged out one of my boys’ outgrown onesies and measured it. That was my template. Not sure how well that works, but we’ll find out when I give this to the recipient. He’s pretty tiny.

I kept pretty good notes on the front and slightly less good notes on the back (which doesn’t match, colourwise; something that gives me immense pleasure).

If it fits the baby well enough I might write up the pattern.


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