I’m about to embark on a major project that is quite possibly much beyond my skill level, but that’s not going to stop me.

I saw this line in a post about knitting and it made me smile because I love the audacity, and because it’s how I approach my knitting life.

Wouldn’t it be great to approach other things in life that way? I guess the thing is that with knitting it’s never a complete disaster unless you’re working in mohair or some yarn that really tangles when you try to unpick it. If you make a major mistake in knitting, or change your mind about the project you can rip it out and start again. Not something you can do with, say relationships or babies.

But I think the real reason I’m able to embrace this philosophy in knitting (and less so in writing) is that I put no pressure on myself to do anything but enjoy and learn something new from each piece of knitting. With writing I think I must feel that I’m supposed to know it all already. Wow, how arrogant! Time for a change of heart, I think.


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