Orla, Orla, Superstar


I FINALLY managed to get a chance to sit down and watch my niece Orla’s appearance on the Gaelic-language children’s show De a Nis.

Living an ocean away, I have missed most of her life and haven’t had a chance to do auntly things like see her dancing recitals and listen to her talking bilingually, as she does, and watch her grow up in to a future TV presenter. So I was amazed to see her acting like the perfect hostess, showing the camera crew around her house and garden, dancing with poise in her dancing class and yes, stepping out of the TARDIS, like the natural showman I know her to be by reputation. Seeing it was something else.

I still think of nine-year old Orla as the little one, even though she now has a three year old little sister. Nine is, apparently, quite grown up compared to the four and two I’m used to.

I usually dislike kid segments in shows because the children are, generally, quite stilted and awkward. Now, I don’t speak Gaelic, so I’m not sure how she really came across, but to a non-speaker (and a biased aunt) she seemed in her element.

And who gets to materialise, step out of the TARDIS and get chased by a Dalek? So cool! I’m insanely jealous.

I think we have identified a future career for Miss O. Future? What am I talking about. Get this girl an agent!

Of course, her brother and sisters looked great and handled themselves with aplomb too, but I have to give props to Orla for carrying the show (I would say ‘stealing’ but you can’t really steal your own show, can you?)

Of course, I have waited until way after her bedtime to watch the thing, so I’ll have to keep my enthusiasm on hold until I can call tomorrow.


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