Looking Back

Heavens, I was just clearing space on one of my web sites so that I could upload fun stuff.

I discovered a whole year of journal entries for the previous incarnation of this blog, one that was hand-coded and posted on my site. (One day I will figure out an efficient way to upload them to the start of this blog. )I’m quite sure I only had one reader at the time… It was intended as a log of my journey from faltering freelancer to successful business writer, so that other writers could read it and sympathise or feel better or be inspired, or whatever.

It got a bit derailed, but it is very interesting to me to see that I did manage to line up quite a lot of work, considering that I didn’t think of myself as doing that well. It came in fits and starts, of course, and never made a ton of money, but it’s definitely doable.

It’s encouraging for when i have done with this procreation* business and have all my spoglings off at school (*assuming that I’m not already done with the procreating, that is).

And now that I have the aforementioned sprogs I’ve realised that life is a little more expensive than it used to seem and that even a few extra bucks here and there would probably come in handy.

Speaking of sprogs, I hear wailing. Keeping them from injuring each other is my main reason for not seeking out paid work at the moment. I just can’t divide my attention enough ways.


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