Phoenixville Borough Bozos

We had pretty much decided not to venture out to the community fireworks last night, for many reasons.

1, The fireworks didn’t start until after 9 pm and our kids really need to be asleep by then.
2, There was a thunderstorm forecast, and lastly, but definitely not least,
3, We were under a tornado watch.

You see, I thought that, since all the posters had a rain date marked on them there was no way in Hades the display would go on. The National Weather Service issued the tornado watch (not as serious as a “get in the basement now” tornado WARNING, but still) at about 2.30 in the afternoon. I immediately logged onto the borough’s website to look for the postponement notice. When I didn’t see one, I assumed they were just too moronic to update their website.

Turns out they were a lot more moronic than I gave them credit for.

At 9.30 PM, in lashing rain, they started setting off the damp fireworks.

70 people were there.

The fireworks cost $12,000.

That’s $171.42 per person, and most of them were probably pyrotechnicians and worried borough council members.

it wouldn’t be so sad, except that for a lot of the vendors, this is their biggest fund-raiser of the year. The dive rescue squad, for example.

The forecast for Saturday’s rain date? Beautiful.

PS I called up the fireworks company and said, “So, what if outraged community members got together and raised the money for a replacement display. Could you do it?”
Apparently the insurance would be the problem for a short-notice display. But I bet you if local businesses got together THIS WEEK and scheduled a Labor Day fireworks display instead, they would be touted as local heros. C’mon Chamber of Commerce, start working the phones.

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