I’ve been doing some Potter catch-up this week. I started reading the sixth book (about which I remembered very little except the obvious bit at the end). As I read into the first few chapters it became apparent that I didn’t remember much about The Order of the Phoenix either (a book I had found quite confusing as I read it the first time), so I went back and read the last half of that, before going back to the penultimate one.

I horsed through it, skimming over the obligatory classroom scenes as much as I could (although I found there was important information in almost all those scenes too, even ones that seemed like fluff) and finished up the book at about midday today.

“Well,” I remarked to the husband, “I’m ready for the next one to arrive. C’mon UPS”
“UPS don’t deliver on Saturdays,” he said, but he couldn’t scare me. Amazon had promised!

I ate my lunch and, as I pushed my plate and the discarded book away from me, I saw a flash of brown through the front window (if brown can flash).

Apparently Amazon has done some deal with UPS because there was the UPS truck bearing, right on time, my copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows.

I thought Amazon did a nice job with the packaging, too.

Harry Potter 7 Packaging

Harry Potter 7 Packaging II


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