I’m using my laptop  manufacturer’s chat function to talk to “customer support” (which, although it provides a name, seems like a robot).

I’m pretty smart, but I can’t find my way around computer help files and technical specs because they tend to tell you what things are, but not what they do, and certainly not how to do the specific thing you want to do.

Anyway, I’ve been through several ‘verification’ things and now she’s asked me to restate my problem and now she’s asking if she can take over my computer to check ‘the issue’.

I just want her to tell me if it’s possible to do the thing I’m trying to do.

Plus, the thing that really makes me laugh and shake my head, and sigh “Engineers!” is that the window I’m chatting in informs me that I am, rather scarily in a “Live Automation Incident”. That sounds customer friendly, doesn’t it?

Actually, that and the fact that my last query created a very big pause, makes me more sure I’m talking to a bot. What a strange world.

Oh, no, one second thoughts, now that we have take a step away from the script I’m getting the distinct impression I’m talking to someone in the Phillipines or China. If I was lucky it’d be India, but I don’t think I’m that lucky.

Update: Nice as she was, reinstalling the drivers didn’t solve my problem, but I did eventually get her to admit that I should be able to do the thing I was trying to do, which is what I wanted to know before I tried to ‘solve’ what might not have been a problem. But is.


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