Secret Pal Addendum

So, I heard from someone anonymous the other day, informing me that she is my Secret Pal and that she was off to read my questionnaire and think of ways to spoil me.

I had not, until this point, thoroughly thought through the mechanics of the Secret Pal Swap. Obviously your pal spoils you and you spoil someone else (otherwise, it wouldn’t be a secret, who was spoiling you, would it?)

So now, I’m reading up on MY secret pal’s blog, finding out more about her, but am totally consumed with curiosity about the shadowy figure who emailed me the other day. I have three months to get to know her (him?) without knowing who they are while they get to read up on me as often a I post. It’d be kind of creepy if it wasn’t all benign and generous.

Sounds like a cue for a story…


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