My  new healthy lifestyle faltered a bit over the weekend as I hadn’t been shopping and there was no good food to eat. So I ate a meatball sub and crisps and anything else I could lay my hands on. I think my brain goes into starvation-panic if there isn’t lots of nice food around, and tells me I need to eat anything I can find…

Interestingly, (to me) I didn’t get nearly enough sleep either, and I suspect that had me reaching for the cookies, too!

Now that A is in a pre-school I can walk to, I’m trying to push the double stroller down there every time. I enjoy the walk and it’s just challenging enough to heat me up, without making it unpleasant. (I would have been a lot fitter if I’d had my children in Edinburgh, with its hilly topography!). It does mean I have to be organized enough to get out a bit early, but we’ve been managing so far.

I even got to wind a light scarf around my neck this morning, because at 8 AM it was chilly out there. It got me thinking fond thoughts of knitting hats, and maybe mittens for the boys, and how A and G really need some more home-made socks…


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