Help me! I have startitis!

Current projects include a black cardigan made from a pattern in Rebecca (sort of) from Jo Sharp Silk Road Tweed, which is lovely, but getting bigger as I knit down to the bottom hem and increase several times every tenth row; the end of a pair of socks for me from Panda Bamboo; a scarf idea for someone I don’t even know, in KnitPicks Elegance and Berocco FX (metallic); a pair of black socks for Him Indoors, in KnitPicks Essential (trying to find a yarn he won’t walk through in three wearings); and the start of a baby jacket in home-dyed yarn, that I like, even though I don’t have a candidate to wear it.

And those are just the active projects, if you know what I mean.

But I desperately want to start knitting socks for both boys in another sock yarn that A picked out himself(boy socks. They’re small. Surely they would give me the satisfaction of finishing: something that has been absent so long). And today’s walk in the cold morning air started me thinking about knitting a beret for myself. It’s not quite cold enough to need a full-blown hat, but some sort of thing that would perch on top of my relatively-recently-shorn head would help keep the chill out. And then of course, there are hand warmers needed for pushing the stroller. I DO have some lovely blue ones, made from sock yarn, but what about those mornings like today when I’m wearing browns?

My reach exceedeth my grasp.


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