2 Points Lunch

2 Points Lunch
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Not that I want to become a Weight Watchers bore, but hey, that’s what blogs are all about, right?

So, I’ve been having real trouble sticking to my Weight Watchers Points allowance, so I decided to go back to basics.

I made a batch of vegetable soup (as recommended by ) for 0 points (I kicked in some chipotle and cayenne pepper to spice it up a bit), and a sandwich made from WW bread (1 Pt) and Laughing Cow low fat cheese (1pt), along with lettuce and orange pepper from the shop and some tomato and cucumber from my very own veg patch.

I have to tell you, this is the best lunch I’ve had in a long time.


update OK, so I had a batch of (low-fat) Pringles after my sandwich, but let’s face it, that was going to happen whether I had a 2 point or 12 point lunch!


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