Equal Opportunities Loathing

I hate iTunes and I hate Windows Vista.

I loathe them.

They steal my time and make things difficult and do it all under the guise of making me more secure.

There are many reasons I hate iTunes. It mostly boils down to the fact that it doesn’t let me do what I want to do, easily. It makes me do things their way and if I don’t instinctively understand how to do what I want, well I can just go and hang my head in the corner with the rest of the dunces, because they’re not going to bl**dy well waste their time telling me how things work.

There’s also the fact that it randomly decides not to work with my iPod every two weeks, or whenever there is new update. I then have to download and install a new update, instead of just being able to put music or videos on my iPod.

And it’s here that my hatred of Vista comes in.

Apart from the fact that Apple obviously doesn’t want iTunes to run smoothly on Windows platforms (they were arrogant enough when Vista came out to say “oh, we’re not ready yet, so don’t bother installing Vista until we are.”), Vista doesn’t let me install anything without twice asking me if every action is one I started. Once it asks me, and then the screen goes black and it asks me again. At every stage of my fortnightly reinstall of iTunes, I have to babysit it for the half hour it takes.

Today I’m just trying to buy a half hour of peace and quiet by letting my little boy watch a new episode of something animated when he gets in from school and needs to chill out.

An hour later I am still here wrestling with these two conflicting pieces of software, and screaming at my kids because they are trying to get my attention too, poor souls.

Loathe. Seethe. Defenestrate.


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