Loathing Pt II

So, I rebooted my computer and once again tried to get Windows and iTunes to play nicely together.

No sooner was my back turned, than Windows came running back across the playground bleating,

“There’s an error with iTunes, and Apple caused it!”

I went to iTunes to find out the other side of the story, and I was stunned by its arrogance when it replied,

“Well, I can’t play with Windows when it keeps running around with that Windows Explorer thing smeared all over the place. You have to make it stop.”

I can understand why Windows doesn’t want to play, since iTunes is essentially refusing to run in the three-legged race with Windows unless Windows agrees to chop one of its own legs off first.

Now iTunes has finally agreed to run in the three-legged race but is demanding that before it starts, I have to put cranky Windows down for a nap first. Since Windows is, indeed, a little cranky and there is no other way of convincing iTunes to play nicely, I have no choice.

I don’t like being manipulated by my children and I don’t like being manipulated by my software. God damn engineers (sorry, Ewen).

See you after my reboot.


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