Themed Pt II

Because of my lack of apparent interests in my LJ profile, poor was reduced to making stuff up, when asking me about them. Therefore the next category is, “something Scottish (you’re Scottish, right?) that you like *g*”


Hmm, something Scottish that I like. That’s a tough one. Let’s try bullet points.

  • Scottish Country Dancing. I learned this when we moved back to Scotland when I was nine. I was really bad at first but was coached into adequacy in the space of a year and was dancing at the local folk festival the next year. Again there was the black hole in Secondary School and then, at University, I discovered ceilidhs. I suppose it’s probably a bit like Contra Dancing: set dances that you do either in couples or sets of couples. It’s a wonderful way to socialise and exercise and I miss it fiercely.
  • Shortbread. I make my own and people love it. Anything made with that much butter and sugar can’t fail to taste good.
  • Tablet. Sort of like fudge but harder and more delicious. Actually, the recipe is quite similar to the shortbread one but with condensed milk instead of flour!
  • Dundonald Castle. This looms over my parents’ back garden and was an ‘off limits’ and neglected ruin when I was a kid and therefore we all climbed the fence and explored it every day. It was our playground. Now it has been tidied up a bit and is even hired out for weddings and parties, and I feel a little put out that they’re pimping out my favourite childhood hideout since we kids seemed to be the only ones who loved it in the past, but mostly I’m pleased about it.
  • Edinburgh. Great city to live in, even though it hurts my Glaswegian father’s ears to hear me say it.
  • Sunsets along the Ayrshire coast. Seeing the sun slip down an increasingly purple, orange or green sky, which reflects in the sea, the two mirror images broken by the black bulk of the island of Arran, is a thing of unbeatable beauty.

OK, the next category is parenting and that very thing requires me to leave the computer Right Now. I’ll be back….


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