Mail Call

Everyone always complains that their mail is nothing but junk and bills.

Well, I had a very interesting mail day today.

First I had a letter from the daughter of the lady I knitted the prayer shawl for. I really hadn’t expected them to write thank you notes in the midst of everything else, so that was a delightful surprise. I had written a longish note to go with it and I think they were as pleased about that as anything.

Secondly, I had a lovely rejection letter from a magazine I had sent a fiction story to, saying (handwritten) it didn’t quite work for them but that it was very nicely written. This is almost, but not quite as good as publication and the big fat cheque! It’s also the second time they’ve said nice things about a story I’ve written … but not published it. I reckon I’ll keep submitting and eventually she’ll get to know my name so well that she’ll start rooting for me and find something she can publish. Or maybe I should just ask her what would work!

Anyone know of a paying market looking for short romantic fiction (women’s magazines and the like)? I have two orphan stories now, looking for good homes.

Thirdly, and most bizarrely, I got a small envelope addressed to me containing nothing but a folded up twenty dollar bill. It and it came from South Jersey (NJ). I have no idea what that’s about.

I guess I ought to put it back in an envelope and send it on to a random stranger, or someone who I know is in need.

Now, granted one was off the wall, but two of these mail pieces were related to Real Mail ™ that I had sent out, so apparently to receive interesting mail, your best bet is to SEND interesting mail.


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