Blogging From the BBC


Well, here I am, using the computers in the lobby of BBC Scotland to write this entry.

I’m here to watch a taping of a John Barrowman hosted quiz show called The Kids Are Alright.

The new building on Pacific Quay is lovely and they’ve laid on coffee and stuff for us to keep us entertained. There’s also a display of radios and TVs from the 20s to the present, which was cute.

We’ve been issued wrist bands to wear, but we have to wear them inside out because the luminous green shows up on camera, apparently, and I guess they don’t want us to look like a bunch of day-release patients from the local looney bin.

Right, I’m off to get my free coffee. Should I tell them I haven’t bought a TV license since 1994, do you think?

PS Nice loos.


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