George MacDonald Fraser RIP

One of my favourite authors has shuffled off, at the age of 82, hopefully to better things.

George MacDonald Fraser is probably most famous for writing the wonderful Flashman novels (set in the heyday of the British Empire. Satirical, historical, hysterical). But he was just a great writer, writing everything from serious but engaging history, to a rip-roaring pirate novel to the screenplay for a Bond film!

According to Wikipedia he was a staunch opponent of metrification but I can easily forgive him that, for all the joy he has brought me.

And I just discovered that there is at least one Flashman book that I haven’t read (although there are probably more, as I kind of lost track after leaving the UK).

Thinking through the authors I’d list as favourites (GMF, Douglas Adams and Elizabeth Peters) I’m starting to realise that the comic novel (along with a bit of mystery and/or history) are things I can’t resist.

So long, Mr Fraser, and thanks for all the fish fun.


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