Birthday Parties: A Necessary Evil

Is it a problem that, after spending two hours (TWO HOURS!) standing in corridors of an old industrial plant, now repurposed to hold airblowers noisily filling bouncy castles, and craft rooms, and rooms that can push synthetic pizza and nasty cake on children, talking to other perfectly nice parents, and listening in horror to others debating the merits of the various tactics of the basketball coaches of their 4/5 yr old children at this morning’s ‘match’….

Is it, I repeat, a problem — should I be concerned — that I drove home, with my head buzzing all the way, downed a margarita and am now sitting listening to American Routes and knitting and starting to feel a little bit better?

If I had access to a darkened room and a damp copy of the Radio Times, I might have taken advantage, but I have a strong suspicion the margarita would still have been involved.


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