Of Storms and Storm Doors

This is very frustrating.

We have been getting flurries of snow all weekend that are quickly followed by periods of pretty sun. They’re leaving us with , at best, this:


I know I’m going to regret this, but I’m really longing for a big storm to come and dump a couple of feet on us (preferably this evening so that Kev can have a snow day tomorrow!). We haven’t had a decent snow, apart from the one which allowed us to build a quick snowman that was gone 24 hrs later. And Angus missed out because he wasn’t in the mood. Blink and you missed it snow.

In other news, what in the world can this be?


Why it’s our new door, fitted yesterday by Super-Mike and his lovely assistant Kev.

Doesn’t it look smart? And here it is, as seen through its friend The New Storm Door. (OK the colours don’t quite match yet. We’re going to paint it).


(I really have to work on my photography skills. This one makes me feel seasick.)

After having a peek behind our siding (oo-er!), Mike told us that this was one of the many houses built in the 80s, when builders thought that they weren’t going to have to use chipboard to provide insulation between the frames. They had this new thin foam stuff that they slapped up instead. A few years later they realised it didn’t work and they started putting up the chipboard again. He said,

“I bet when it’s windy or rains you can hear everything!”

So THAT’S why it sounds like we live in a caravan…

In my third news item: I’m always telling people not to be silly, you can’t get a cold from being out in the cold, they’re caused by a virus…but Kev is laid up sick today after standing around in the cold yesterday, and Angus was puking his wee guts up last night. I have to say though, I can’t see how the stomach virus could have been brought on by the cold wind whipping through the house.

Come on, snow. I’m in need of a pretty view.

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