Fed Up Of Food

You’d think that coming off a three-day fast imposed by a stomach virus, the man and I would be craving all kinds of wonderful foods.

Not so.

We confirmed to each other today that we are fed up of food. Nothing in our (my) normal routine even remotely interests us and none of our restaurant options are even tempting us.

So this is a plea for help.

What can we eat?

Given that we want low-fat, low-sugar, but tasty foods what are our options?

I made a decent roast with roasted root veggies the other day, which was tasty, but the effect was spoiled somewhat by the fact that we spent the next 48 hours with our heads over assorted toilets and buckets.

What are your best recommendations for the food fatigued?

(Feel free to pass along this plea to friends. All recipes/comment gratefully received).

(Also, I have two increasingly pickly young boys to cater to, which might be contributing to my ennui.)

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