Vale Rio On The Move

Gregor and I went food shopping before picking Angus up from school.

By some fluke of good-timing, we were actually finished a good 20 minutes before we were due at Angus’s school, which was just around the corner.

I was wondering what we should do to kill time when lo! I saw police cars and a fire engine pulling up just across from the ACME parking lot.

This morning’s paper had said that they were moving the Vale Rio diner today, to its new, temporary spot on the corner of Starr and Rt 29, otherwise known as “just across from the ACME parking lot”, so I loaded up my groceries quickly, hopped into the car and joined a queue of traffic behind the roadblock and whipped out my camera phone.

It’s not a very good camera, and the angle wasn’t ideal, but if you want to squint at a blurry piece of Phoenixville history then bop on over to my Flickr account.


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