I’ve been trying not to obsess about this online, since that way leads to madness, but today I have to have a little brag.

I had slid into further into fattitude than I had ever gone before, since having my children — and I was no skinny chick before. I discovered that it has little to do with the actual bearing of the children, and all to do with the sleep deprivation that kicks in about three months after they’re born (and persists until they are, what, two and a half, three?)

I had been clambering down, gradually, in fits and starts, since early 2007, but it seemed fairly hopeless. Then my mother, my friend and my neighbour all started Weight Watchers at the same time and started telling me about the pounds they were losing. I seemed to be losing the same 7 lbs s-l-o-w-l-y and then putting them back on as quickly as possible when I got bored. So, to hear that my mother had lost something like 15lbs in 6 weeks was very enticing.

So I joined. It has been an interesting journey, but the best part has been taking control of my eating again. And the other best part is eating delicious foods that I love more often. I love vegetables and fresh foods, but I slip into convenience eating when I’m not paying attention. I even love not feeling stuffed all the time. I’m a big fan of the current Weight Watchers philosophy, which is all about learning to think and act differently for your own sake. I’m even exercising and enjoying it. The weigh-in numbers are a nice indicator of how it’s going, but it’s not all about that.

Having said that…

This week I lost 2.6lbs and today I got my keyring: the one that said “Woo-hoo! You’ve lost 10% of your body weight since starting!”

I’m particularly proud because this has not been the easiest time in my life and I have managed to avoid retreating into comfort eating (for more than a couple of weeks, ahem…)

I’m not skinny, but I’m 25.1 on the BMI scale. SOOOOO close to being ‘normal’ weight.

Don’t let me blow it, now!

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