L is for Library

I dumped A in extended-day care at school today, which meant I had until 2.45 to Get Lots Done.

Hmm, by noon I had taken G to Tumble Bears and then…read blogs.

Then I took a sledgehammer to the shelves in the hall cupboard, which is something I’ve been wanting to do forever. It was great. I almost fall over every time I go in there now, because all the space knocks me off balance. Of course, now I have to decorate it and put up different, better shelves and hooks. One day.

Picked up A from school and Mrs B had kept them busy today so his good mood had not evaporated. It was sunny and nice so we wandered over to the library. We came away with 11 books and a DVD. Awesome. I love the library. And the really nice thing is that A is starting to get to an age where he enjoys longer stories and I can foist on him books that I enjoyed as a kid. We’ve worked our way through a lot of Roald Dahl (thanks, Auntie Fifona) and now I’ve started on the Edward Eager Magic books (Half Magic). Not sure I’m going to be able to convince him to read the LM Montgomery stuff, though.


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