SQEEEEE! (or: N is for Nodding)

I just read, on Wil Wheaton’s blog* about a post on John Scalzi’s blog, where Scalzi (a book of whose I have just finished) talks about how to act cool when you meet an author you like.

I had just been reading Neil Gaiman’s blog and so I thought, Oh, I bet he’d like that, so I sent him the link.

Then (and this is where the squee comes in) I opened up my mail and saw an email….from Neil Gaiman!

Let me say that again: an email from Neil Gaiman.

I was so totally NOT cool when I realised he’d replied (and quickly too).

The funny thing was, my message went like this:

John Scalzi has written a ‘how to meet authors’ that I thought would have you both nodding your head vigorously and thinking “oh good, now I don’t have to say it again.”
It’s here: http://scalzi.com/whatever/?p=581

His reply started, “How bizarre,” because he had just written this blog post.

Apparently I have been reading his blog for just long enough!

(*I also got a real email from Wil Wheaton once, saying thank you after I sent him publishing info when he was putting his first book together. I got all blushy then, too, even though they’re [probably] just mortals and, in that case at least, I was actually the one who had valuable information to share. I’m starting to sound like a real fangirl.)


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