S is for Snot and Sneeze and Sleep

Well, the boys are snotty and have poor tissue-control, so it’s pretty inevitable that I am now en-colded.

I am unable to go more than a minute without grabbing a tissue, and when I sneeze, well, that in itself goes on for about a minute. (I’ve never understood people who can sneeze once and be done with it. That never happens to me. But then again, I can’t burp either and throwing up doesn’t come easily to me, so I think I make up for lack of other expulsions by sneezing at least six times in a row on a normal day, fifteen when I have a cold. Too much information? Sorry).

Some Beechams’ Powders, left over from our latest trip to the UK, have helped with the ‘sleep’ part, since they apparently have caffeine in them, but I’m not sure how long they’re going to last.

It’s dull and damp outside. The perfect day for huddling inside under the covers…or playing board games.

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