Note To the Writing Mother: Make Notes

Having trouble blogging today because the ideas are finding it hard to sprout and grow under the sonic mulch of my five year old’s prattling. He’s lovely, and it’s cute, but I can’t even think of what my ideas for today’s blog were.

I know there was something I thought of yesterday, I have a vague idea that the idea was in some way female, but I can’t findi it now.

If I had all the time in the world to write, I could just sit around and let things grow silent, and wait for the idea to whisper itself to me again.

As it is, I’m a mother of young children and silence only makes me nervous.

I need to make notes, during the day when i have ideas, Then I’ll be able to sit down in the moments I have and pound out words.

This is useful advice that I should remind myself of when I’m trying to write for publication again (something I hope to do during the next school year, when I’ll have a precious three hours to myself three days a week.)

*Make notes
*Refer to your notes
*Think about topics and ideas during those times when you have to be physically present (as referree) but when your mind can wander.
*When you get a few minutes with a computer or a notebook and no-one is bugging you for milk/water/craft projects/stories/lifeblood, then sit down and write like your life depended on getting to that word-count goal.

Now I just wish Livejournal had a search function so I could find my old entries, when I need them.


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