A is for Agriculture (local, sustainable)

My Weight-Watchers inpired rediscovery of delicious fresh foods has led me down the (garden?) path of looking into Community Supported Agriculture. This is where you buy shares in a farm’s crop for that year and they, in turn provide you with a box full of fresh goodness every week (assuming the creeks don’t rise, and all that).

I was delighted to discover the Charlestown Farm, which is right on my doorstep. I read all about it and got more and more excited, until I clicked on the ‘join’ link and found this message:

Our waiting list is very long and those of you further down on the list will mostly likely be eligible for the 2009 season (sorry!). We will be in contact with everyone on the list regardless. We are not taking any more information for the waiting list at this point in time.


There are a couple of other ones in the area, but one is run by the Waldorf lot, and I’m a little suspicious of them and their dogma. The other one would require a fairly long drive to pick up stuff, and I’m not sure that meets the need.

Maybe I’ll just have to become a regular at the town’s farmer’s market when it starts up again ,and see if I can wheedle myself onto Charlestown Farm’s waiting list!


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