I is for (Too Much) Introspection

Update: Wow. Blaspheme against The mighty Who, and watch the comments grow!

So, I was watching the Doctor Who Confidential, about the Pompeii episode.

The producers and crew were going on about how hard this episode was to film, and how gorgeous it looked (which it did), and how pleased they were with how it turned out.

Me? I was a bit, ‘meh’.

I mean, it wasn’t anything like the drek that poor Sylvester McCoy got stuck with, and the sets looked so much better than anything from any other era (except possibly the black and white ones, where things just looked less fake to start with because of the lack of detail), but still. Meh.

It was an OK story, with a somewhat predictable twist and some heavy-handed character exposition.

And it looked good.

I think the producer’s focus might have been weighted towards the wrong side of the equation there.

Of course, they’re hoist with their own petard, because they have set the standard very high. This wasn’t bad, it was just in danger of disappearing up its own production values.

In my humble opinion.


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