Floral Therapy

It’s such a rubbish day today (cold, rainy, heavy gray clouds) that I felt I needed to post some pictures I took last week.

Spring has sprung around here. Overnight my cherry tree went from having tiny promising buds, to having not just

Cherry Blossom

a flower, not just

Cherry Blossoms with Sky

SOME flowers, but

Profusion of Cherry Blossoms

a profusion of flowers. It was so beautiful. Until the storm tore through here on Saturday night and made it look a bit sad and droopy. Still pretty profuse, though.

Meanwhile the pear tree’s blossoms have been and gone and were captured this year only in bud form and possibly in the background of some of last weekend’s pictures.

But to make up for it we have:

White Happy Faces Red Tulip Azaleas Are Here

and not least of all, because I like them, even if the neighbours don’t:

I LIKE Dandelions


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