It Had To Happen

Ever since Doctor Who started back up, people have been asking Neil Gaiman if he’s going to write an episode. He said “they haven’t asked” initally.

Then recently, he had dinner with Stephen Moffat, who has just been announced as the new Head Who Guy. When asked if the subject of his writing an episode came up, Gaiman said,

I’m really excited about Steven Moffat taking over — always assuming that it’s not just a publicity stunt on his part to try and get “Blink” a Hugo, as a countermeasure to Mr Cornell’s car-crash-to-get-the-sympathy-vote.

And it was a terrific dinner: they do fantastic dry-fried green beans at Bar Shu (it doesn’t sound like it would be fantastic from the menu, but it is).”

Which I take to be an emphatic if  evasive ‘yes’. Moffat and Gaiman. I’m having a little fan-girl geek out.

I also refer you to his great recent David-Tennant-as-Hamlet entry, which I saw as a very definite warm-up.

I see something Victorian coming on.


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