Reporter Instincts

Apparently my reporter’s instincts are still in there somewhere.

Last night I was at a concert when the lights flickered out. There was a huge storm raging overhead and it killed the power for miles around. Luckily for us, the musicians were consummate professionals and just kept on playing, unplugged.

As I listened, I was composing a report in my head. So when I got home I wrote it and emailed it to the editor of the local paper.

I went out this morning to survey the storm damage and pick up my paper. I had the great pleasure of standing by my ruined tree and seeing my byline in the paper at the same time. Ha!

It’s on the front page of the paper’s website too. (link to the story. Not sure if this is a permalink). It’s a bit wordy, but I wrote it quickly because I didn’t know when their print deadline was.

Now I wonder if I can call this an audition piece and get them to actually pay me to write for them in future?


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