Well-Fed Writer Blog

Peter Bowerman has launched (lunched?) a blog to support his Well-Fed Writer empire.

I think his books are excellent for someone who wants to get started in freelance writing and wants to make lots of money.

Sadly for me, money is not my main motivating factor and I have the luxury of not needing to support my family (at the moment), so I find it difficult to motivate myself to go after business clients. When I tried it a few years ago, I did get some work, but I didn’t find the best-paid stuff. I didn’t get momentum going so that lots of people were coming to me with writing gigs, although I did get a little of that. Again, not the best-paid stuff.

Most of what I was doing was very much marketing and advertising and I neither loved it enough nor made enough money to work as hard as I should to find more work.

It’s entirely possible that there is business writing out there that I would love (I like the idea of case studies) but everything I fancy has the ring of magazine-writing about it. Which makes me think that I really need to stick to trying to get magazine and (du-duh-DUH!) book writing gigs, about which I CAN get excited.

But I’m going to subscribe to Peter’s new blog because you never know. He is infectiously enthusiastic and his newsletter was always stuffed full of good ideas, if a bit voluminous. I’m assuming the blog will be too. I’m also hoping he’ll start updating it with more frequent, shorter tidbits. He’s been writing newsletters so long that I think he’s trying to do a newsletter article each week, but the real value of blogs (for this kind of thing) is the quick update, like Seth Godin’s blog. That’s why it’s a (we)b-log, not a journal (which, a-hem, this is).


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