Never Lets Me Down

There are some blogs I read because I have things in common with the writers. There are others I read because the writers are fabulous writers who never let me down. They are storytellers and a good blog entry from them can fill in for the dearth of good short stories out there in the printed world.

Among these writers I count The Yarn Harlot, my sister and this guy.

I recommend subscribing to his blog if you don’t already. He gets himself into all kinds of scrapes and then he spins a yarn that will have you laughing and crying (possibly both). Part of his skill is to build suspense almost from the first sentence. Now that he’s been doing this a while, he can count on his readers to know that if he says this is a story about how he crossed the road, there are going to be contusions, misunderstandings and possibly a ten-car pile-up with him at the bottom, groaning. And he can capitalise on it and have you roaring with laughter because he hardly needs to foreshadow at all.

Tonight I read this entry from the Magazine Man,  and am eagerly awaiting the next development!

He may think of himself as a superhero but he puts me in mind of (in the nicest possible way) Wile E. Coyote…


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