Joss Whedon Love

Oh dear.

That Joss Whedon.

I hadn’t seen anything new of his for a while and I had started to think that maybe I had over-rated him. With the resurgence of Doctor Who and my discovery of Stephen Moffat and Neil Gaiman, I had begun to believe that maybe Whedon had been a pale stand-in for the entertainers who would really start to fill the gaping void left in my happiness-zone by Douglas Adams (with apologies to Terry Pratchett fans. I’ve tried.) And they still have a British wit that makes me very happy.


I sat in bed last night and watched the first two parts of:

Doctor Horrible’s Sing-A-Long Blog. (Get it free until July 20! Third episode comes out tomorrow! Or buy it for $4 entire from iTunes!)

Grovelling apologies to His Jossness for my moment of weakness.

Also, I’ve liked Neil Patrick Harris ever since I saw him in Starship Troopers and it became clear that he, unlike most of the young actors, was very very good at his job. I loved him in the short-lived Stark Raving Mad, and would have watched How I Met Your Mother just for him…except I didn’t.

There’s a moment about half way through the first episode where he makes just a tiny gesture that gives away everything you need to know about the character. Love it!


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