Associated Blobfest

My local newspaper is not great. I subscribe because I want to know what’s on and who’s up to what and because, frankly, I used to work for a local newspaper and I pine for that time.

Today I was kind of surprised to see an article on Blobfest, which happens in mid-July. Our paper is nothing if not topical, and it seemed odd that they would have a front-page article on something that happened last month.

Then I started to read it. And it was good. The writing was really good. Even after reading the first sentence I knew something was up.

And indeed it was not written by our local staff reporter who loves nothing better than reporting on small town crime (ooo! Man charged with drunk driving. Ooo! domestic altercation) and talking like a police officer (“the suspect was apprehended…”). It was an Associated Press feature about movie tourism hung on the framework of our Blobfest, and it was insightful, well-researched, and portrayed our town in a great light.

A fascinating read for me, since I remember the town as it was 12 years ago: depressed and a little bit dodgy but with great ‘bones’ under the slobby exterior. And a fine read for anyone who enjoys good writing.

Here’s the link. (not sure how long it’ll be ‘live’.

Oo, oo, and there’s a photo slideshow/documentary, complete with spooky music and commentary (and screaming)!



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