I Feel Pretty

Ooo, a couple of weeks ago TheMama had a giveaway on her blog to celebrate her upcoming etsy store. I was the first lucky commenter out of the bag (bowl) and was promised the beautiful necklace I had seen on her blog.

Well, yesterday, this arrived:
My Prize

I opened it up. Oo, the suspense.

The Suspense

And here it is:

And Here It Is





It really is beautifully made. I’ve flirted with beading and wire just enough to appreciate how well-made this is. The curves thrill me and I’ve just this moment figured out why. They remind me of ink on a page, the kind of thing people draw when they’ve just filled their fountain pen, or scroll work done by monks, or margin doodles Shakespeare might have made. It’s a simple and ancient pattern that makes me think of writing and books, two of my favourite things.

It was beautifully packaged, too, and got here reallyl quickly (after I eventually sent her my address).

Thanks TheMama!

I’m utterly thrilled. Not only do I love the necklace (which is just the perfect length for my tastes) but I won it!


One response to “I Feel Pretty

  1. I’m so glad you like it!

    You know, I actually do a lot of those scrolly little doodles, so now I know why they’re popping up in my crafts!