Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to Fifona and her beloved (even if you haven’t blogged for exactly two years. Time to make a post, eh? I’ve not linked, to maintain your anonymity).

Eighteen years ago, so I’m told, I was being a bridesmaid for the first time. Eh, the only time. (I avoided repeating the trick by a, only befriending people who didn’t get married and b, fleeing the country during the prime wedding years. I only returned for three: one was a childhood friend’s, one the wedding of the guy that introduce me to my own beloved spouse, and the third was my brother’s, which I really couldn’t miss!).

I have somewhat hazy memories of the day, since it was so long ago and all, but I do remember: getting quick prickly around the eyes when the vows were being said; being quite moved by hearing our father say nice things about my big sister (has it happened again since, Fifona?); that my on-again-off-again boyfriend spent a fair amount of time trying to have an honest conversation with me about his previously-suspected-but-unconfessed infidelities, and that my very fine friends (and brother) kept him away from me for most of the night. I also remember my only-boy-cousin running around with the video camera getting up everyone’s noses in a thoroughly charmingly pre-adolescent way. He’s 30 now… (yes, back the old days 12 was still pre-adolescent and no-one had credit cards).

Hell’s teeth, the two eldest fruits of that day’s union are older than that now!

So just in case the happy couple weren’t feeling old enough, Happy 18th Anniversary. And remember: you weren’t even that young back then!


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