Online Postings for Freelance Writing Gigs


Spent the morning neglecting my at-home kid in order to try to drum up some writing business.

I spent a fair amount of time coming up with three sample story pitches for an online listing (they’re going to be “the next ‘Seventeen'”, apparently) only to find that the email link didn’t work.

Ah well, at least I now have three story ideas I can pitch to up-and-running magazines for teenaged girls (and I haven’t done all the research yet, but I can’t imagine there’s a shortage).

I suppose online freelance writing listings are perilous at times, but I’m trying them out. I want to find some little gigs that will get me back in the swing and build my confidence and clips. I don’t feel quite ready to jump back in with both feet and I certainly can’t go knocking on doors, with my three year old in tow!

Thanks to Debbie for her recent investigation of places-to-find-online-listings though (add her to your bookmarks, for all the useful information and the cartoons!).

It’s been fun finding some of my old articles still online, though, as I search for inspiration and samples of my work.


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