Emmy Who?

I knew I didn’t watch much TV, but I just looked at the results of the Emmy Awards (I had no idea they were happening) and realised that I haven’t seen most of the shows. Not even a moment of them.

Of the shows listed I’ve seen full episodes of…four. One of them Lost, which I stopped watching in the second season (there have been five, apparently); another was House, which I struggled through a couple of episodes of in the first season because I love Hugh Laurie (sorry, Hugh); I actually like The Daily Show, but I haven’t seen a full episode of that since we cancelled cable (gee, I wonder why we did that?). The only other show I had seen was Monk (which did not win), and I keep up with that via Netflix.

I’m so out of touch.

And I really don’t care.

I had been really looking forwards to the past season of Battlestar Galactica but, when it came time to sit down and watch it (at the computer, streamed by the Sci Fi network– see the point about cable, above) I keep finding I have better things to do. I wonder if it would have been different had they made it available on iTunes, like the year before. That year I DID watch it, slumped in my armchair at the end of the evening, fed from my iPod into the TV.

So, NetFlix, iTunes and watching-wherever-and-whenever-I-want, and being compelled by something so good that I just can’t miss it seem to be key, in case any TV execs are wondering.

And what? There was no category for <a href=”http://www.drhorrible.com”>sing-a-long blogs</a>?!


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