Sarah Palin is accusing Barak Obama of “palling around with terrorists” because he served on a charitable board with a man who was a violent radical 40 years ago. A New York Times article that examined the relationship declared that the two men lived in the same neighborhood but ‘did not appear to be close’.

I hate this kind of politics. it is dishonest and it’s mean and it gets untruths out there that are repeated as facts (hands up, everyone who ‘knows’ that Obama is a Muslim and doesn’t put his hand on his heart for the pledge of allegiance).

Attack his record, by all means. Question his policies. Disagree with his plans. Tell people why they should REALLY vote for you. But don’t just try to smear other people’s characters disingenuously saying ‘people have a right to know’. If people have a right to know, then provide them with all the facts. Don’t indulge in the kind of playground activities that would make your own children come home from school in tears. Aren’t we grown ups?

Oh, and in the interests of balance, Palin has not said those other two things about Obama as far as I know; and that chain email about Sarah Palin trying to ban books: gave it a “Pants on Fire” rating on its Truth-o-meter.


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  1. Sorry, I found your entry a bit confusing. It wasn’t terribly clear who was saying what.

  2. Do also note that while most news media, liberals, democrats had wrongfully belittled Sarah Palin’s association with Pentecostal Christianity, this actually next gave her more publicity, exposure and better still even next more support from many Christians. Not what the demons had expected or hope for for sure. The bashing of her religion was clearly a great mistake on their parts. Obama wishes he got so much coverage now as well..

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  3. OK, just because I made one comment about what I perceive as bad behaviour by one of the candidates, that was not an invitation to come into my virtual home and push your political agenda, dropping by from time to time to leave self-serving links.

    If you want to become my friend and have me listen to your opinion, then hang out, join the conversation. Don’t just fly by to this one entry to try to boost your own readership.