TechHead Revisited

Quite proud of myself today.

I’ve been playing with WordPress for this blog, in the interests of using it to power my business website, in anticipation of doing some business writing now that I have (a-hem) all this spare time.

So between yesterday and today I have dusted off the techy part of my brain and:

  • Found a new webhost (old one has the same documentation and ‘help’ files they had in 2001)
  • Figured out whether or not it would adversely affect my email (I don’t think so, but if you have any problems with the address, let me know)
  • Changed my domain’s DNS info so that the site will, eventually, point to the new host
  • Changed my registrar to be my new host, because I can’t be bothered with the extra admin of having registration and hosting in separate places
  • Downloaded/uploaded and installed WordPress on the new host’s server (OK, I used their auto-install thingy, but I feel like I have a clue what it did due to the next point)
  • Troubleshooting (I troubleshot? I troubleshooted?) a problem with temporary access
  • Downloaded and applied a new WordPress theme
  • Customised the theme (a little)
  • Started transferring content from my old website to the new WordPress powered version.
  • Created some new content, more focused on what I actually want to do, rather than my old assumptions about what work is out there. (Thanks Copywriting Success Summit!)

I decided to go with a blog platform because I am NOT hand-coding things any more, and Frontpage made things too complicated, and anyway I don’t have a current version of Frontpage, if it still exists, with which to modify my content.

I like the flexibility of having everything based on the web, where I can just go and enter my  text and the clever programmers have made it all fit together and update.

It looks so much more modern. Once the new information has propogated on the web, I’ll provide a link here.

It feels nice to have a new, shiny home, and a freshly-dusted brain.

I love being  a mother, but I’m not really that good at being a housewife. Sometimes it’s nice to remind yourself that you are actually good at some thing.

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