Don’t Forget To Write

Sometimes I get so busy with life and with planning what I might write and with researching paying writing opportunities that I forget to do any actual writing.

My blogs have lain un-updated for over a week, my dead-tree journal is who-knows-where, and I’m all jangly and frowny and wondering why.

Then, at noon today I snuck off and wrote a journal entry, and I feel much better.

The whole point of trying to get paid for writing is that I need to write anyway, so I might as well try to make a living at it. If I forget to do the actual writing I get cranky (and I know I’m not alone because one of my writing gurus says the same thing. I forget whether it was Bradbury or King or Asimov, but one of them says that on the first day he doesn’t write, he gets kind of fuzzy, on the second day he’s out of sorts and by the third day he’s impossible to live with, or something to that effect. I recognized that immediately, although I’d never thought about it.

So my new resolution is to remember to write! What an odd thing to have to say.


2 responses to “Don’t Forget To Write

  1. mnemosynedream

    Makes perfect sense to me! I am full of good intentions, but slow on the follow-through when it comes to updating my journal (never mind anything more creative!).

  2. Well your brother loves vicariously visiting all the little pubs you’re discovering…so keep writing!